New Laws for 2016 – How They Affect You

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There is quite the extensive list of new laws for California that began January 1. These are some of the ones that are more likely to affect you. Or, these are some of the ones that you really ought to know, for your own protection.

  • The state will provide new services for former inmates, like new housing programs, substance abuse treatment, and health services.
  • For anyone found innocent of a crime they were wrongly convicted for, the state will compensate them anywhere between $100 to $140 for each day they were imprisoned
  • Illegal immigrants who are helpful witnesses in cases will now be given written confirmation from law enforcement agencies that allows them to apply for a U-visa, preventing deportation.
  • In order for the police to search phones, tablets, and laptops (emails, texts, GPS tracking), they need a warrant.
  • “Yellow Alerts” will be for when CHP wants the public to be on the lookout for a motorist who was involved in a hit-and-run.
  • “Silver Alerts” will be for when CHP wants the public to be on the lookout for missing disabled elderly persons.
  • Parents can no longer waive vaccinations for their children based on personal belief.
  • Community colleges may now suspend or expel students accused of sexual assault that occurred off-campus.
  • Women must be paid equal to their male counterparts (or vice versa). The new law makes it easier for workers to sue for gender discrimination.
  • Short-term rentals like Airbnb must warn users that if they are renters themselves and are listing their home or apartment as a rental unit to others, they are violating their lease agreement with the landlord.
  • State-certified crisis pregnancy clinics must publicly post notices that there are public programs that provide affordable contraceptives and offer abortion services.

Many of these may apply now or in the future to ourselves or our family and friends. Others are great to be mindful of as protections.

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