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San Marcos Bail Bonds provides fast, professional service with local agents in San Marcos, CA, and all of San Diego County. We have the ability to post bail bonds statewide. We are the #1 bail bonding company in San Diego County because we believe in great customer service and the 24-hour availability of our agents.

0% Payment Plan Financing

To make the bail bond affordable, our bail agents will customize a payment plan to meet your financial need. Our payment plans are ALWAYS at 0% financing. More importantly, there are no hidden fees. What we tell you over the phone is the same as what we tell you in our bail office.

The Agents from Bail Bond Store in San Marcos pride themselves on being honest. They will make sure you are given the total cost of the bail, your down payment, and your monthly payment. There will be no surprises on your monthly statement.

Additional Services We Provide Include:

We work with the customers’ satisfaction in mind. We know that a business will never resist in such a competitive market, unless its reputation is exquisite. Our customers can lose the stress and enjoy the peace of mind while our agents prepare the paperwork in order to release their friends or relatives. Our business is built on our reputation, and most of our customers reach us through testimonials and references. Our primary purpose is to help them with bail bonds and we proudly stand by our statement!

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How Much Will Bail Cost?

The moment you learn that your loved one has been arrested, one of the first thoughts that start running through your mind is “how much is this going to cost?” There is the cost of a lawyer, the cost of bail. Depending on why he or she was arrested, there will also be the cost of fees/ fines for property damages, hospital bills, insurance going up, and not to mention, the time he or she is losing at work.

The first cost that you need to worry about is the cost of bail. Bail is the money the defendant owes to court in order to be released from jail. This is perhaps one of the most important figures to meet, as posting bail and being released from jail means he or she can return to work as well as get have prep time with his or her lawyer.

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About San Marcos Bail Bonds

The San Marcos Bail Bonds Family has been in business since 1987. The company is currently owned and operated by Bench Family who is committed to improving the industry’s standards and practices. San Marcos Bonding Company is setting a new standard for the bonding industry by consistently raising its level of service and performance. The company’s professionalism and convenience ensure that conducting business with Vista is beneficial for defendants, attorneys, and the courts.

For a defendant, the benefits are clear. By providing only a percentage of the total bail amount required, an immediate release is secured, allowing the accused to (a) return home and to a job; (b) retain more money for defense expenses; (c) enjoy greater freedom so that life can be lived more normally; and (d) make use of San Marcos Bail Bonds representatives who help clients communicate with their attorneys and stay on top of upcoming court dates. In some cases, San Marcos Bail Bonds agents even provide rides to clients at no additional cost.

San Marcos Bonding Company maintains a great relationship with every court system with which it associates. Forfeitures are always paid promptly and strong cooperation exists between San Marcos Bail Bonds employees, law enforcement and court personnel. San Marcos Bail Bonds takes pride in being one of the most responsible bail bond companies in the nation.

Rich history. Integrity. A professional business approach. Our word is our bond.

To make an appointment, call 1-760-940-0933 or click here to request an appointment online.