What Type of Travel Restrictions Are Connected to Bail

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When you go to an arraignment, one of the things that’s discussed is bail. Not only does the judge determine if you’ll be granted bail, but they also decide how high the bail is and what restrictions will be connected to the bail.

Surprisingly, many people find that the restrictions are more challenging than raising the required bail. The reason is that if they don’t have the funds to cover the bail themselves, they turn to Chula Vista Bail Bonds, which only charge a 10% fee and have flexible, zero-interest, and zero-down payments, making bail easy to fit into the average budget.

The reason the restrictions are often a more challenging aspect of bail to deal with stems from the fact that they directly impact your everyday quality of life. This is especially true if the judge attaches travel restrictions to your bail.

Most people assume that travel restrictions during bail simply mean that they have to surrender their passports and aren’t allowed to leave the country. While that may be one of the restrictions imposed on you, it isn’t the only travel restriction.

Types of Travel Restrictions

It isn’t unusual for a judge to say that not only are you not allowed to leave the country, but you also aren’t allowed to leave the state/county/city. These localized restrictions are extremely challenging if you’re used to traveling out of the area for either work or pleasure. If traveling is one of your job requirements, you may even find that honoring the bail restrictions requires that you find a new position or perhaps even a whole new job.

You can’t afford to ignore the travel restrictions. If a judge says that you aren’t allowed to leave the county, and you’re caught on the opposite side of the county line, you’re bail will be revoked, and you’ll be taken back to jail.

While you aren’t allowed to travel beyond what the bail restrictions stipulate, sometimes an exception is made. For example, if someone is ill or passes away, it’s possible that the judge will allow you to travel so that you can be with your family. However, before you leave, you will have to contact the court. The judge will decide how long you’re allowed to be gone. If you haven’t returned by the date stipulated by the judge, your bail will be revoked.

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