Even If You’re Innocent, Don’t Resist Arrest

Even If You’re Innocent, Don’t Resist Arrest

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Human error is not a stranger in the justice system, unfortunately. But that is not just one person’s fault, right. Many people are involved and situations get very complex and complicated. Some people lie. Some evidence is missed and lead to a different outcome. Some people are wrongly arrested.

If you believe you are wrongfully being arrested, it is important to know that you should still not resist the police. It may be proven later on that yes, you were wrongfully arrested; but if you resisted and caused issue with the police, then you can still get in trouble for that, in some cases. So, even if you are wrongfully being arrested, go peacefully and willingly. At the first chance you are able to, contact a lawyer and your most trusted friends and family to help get the situation resolved.

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