These Driving Tips Will Proven Even More Helpful This Season Than Previous Ones

These Driving Tips Will Proven Even More Helpful This Season Than Previous Ones

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It’s no secret that rain makes drivers well, worse. Especially in harsh weather, it’s dangerous to be driving. The roads are slippery, it can get very windy, and the rain splattering on the windows prevent clear visibility.

With Winter weather approaching and this year, the historic El Nino too, we’re here to give you a re-education on some driving tips so as to not get into an accident and/ or get arrested (for breaking driving laws).

  • In California, when windshield wipers are being used continuously, headlights must be turned on, even if it is bright and sunny out.
  • Place GPS mounts on the bottom corner of your windshield. It’s against the law to have it stuck in the middle.
  • If you find yourself hydroplaning on the wet road, do not accelerate or brake. Just take your foot off the gas and let your car slow down naturally. Keep a firm grip on your steering wheel. Your tires will gain its traction again.
  • Avoid hydroplaning (this happens when it rains!) by driving slower than normal.
  • Even if it’s not raining in the middle of the day, turn on headlights if it’s pretty gloomy and muggy.
  • Always use turn signals.

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Please all, drive safely and obey the traffic laws. These are for your protection!

Let’s have a safe rainy season, everyone!